About Us

McElroy Bryan Geological Services (MBGS) provides specialist consulting and contracting services to the global mining industry.

Since 1970, MBGS’ team of professional geologists have worked alongside leading mining houses and consultancies, supporting the transformation of exploration targets into operating mines that are among the world’s most successful. Our staff members have spent many years gaining experience in varied geological and operational settings, making us unique in our ability to address geological issues relevant to client needs.

MBGS specialises in the geology of stratified deposits, mainly coal. We do not own coal deposits, nor do we explore on our own behalf.  We pride ourselves on providing clients with the best advice – without fear, favour or bias.

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MBGS has worked in coal basins around the globe; including Australia, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Europe and even Antarctica. With more than 30 geologists, MBGS’ knowledge and experience ranges from greenfield exploration, through mine development stages, to providing ongoing technical support for expansion of  operating mines producing in excess of 30 million tonnes per annum. MBGS geologists are passionate about geology. The team has, and continues to be mentored and managed by highly experienced technically and commercially focussed senior coal geologists who have spent decades accumulating the knowledge and experience to develop mines in coal basins in Australia and throughout the world.

MBGS is a leader in coal exploration, geological computer modelling and project reviews. We pride ourselves in exploration management and acquisition of quality field data. MBGS assists mining companies and financial institutions with independent appraisals of Coal Resources, audits, technical reviews and due diligence studies.  MBGS staff members include geologists who qualify as ‘Competent Persons’ as defined in the JORC Code (and other international reporting codes). We also have particular expertise in generating computer-based geological models using several software packages.  We can provide high-quality review and auditing services for your geological models.

MBGS works closely with other mining industry specialists, including coal quality, geotechnical, geophysical and mine planning experts.  These professional links enhance our ability to provide a broader range of technical services and advice to clients.