Field Exploration and Drill Rig Supervision

MBGS provides geological exploration services to many clients throughout the coal mining industry and is recognised as a highly professional, quality service provider. Our trained field geologists acquire reliable and accurate geological data at drill sites. The amalgamation of this geological data with downhole geophysical logs enables our geologists to correctly identify and correlate coal seams and gain a sound understanding of deposit geometry and stratigraphy.

MBGS field services include:

  • Landowner negotiation
  • Pursuance of Work Health & Safety (WHS)
  • Environmental and cultural heritage compliance
  • Site establishment
  • Supervision of non-core, core and large diameter core drilling
  • Lithological and geotechnical logging
  • Coal quality sampling of core
  • Installation of piezometers for hydrogeology studies
  • Seam gas desorption testing
  • Seam characterisation and correlation from geophysical logs
  • Supervision and interpretation of geophysical surveys
  • Structural interpretation and stratigraphic modelling
  • Geological data management