Computer Modelling

MBGS has worked with computer-based geological models for more than 25 years. Our specialised computer modelling team comprises highly experienced geologists who have worked in both field and modelling capacities on projects worldwide. MBGS use the mining industry’s major stratigraphic modelling packages, including Minex, Vulcan and Minescape.

Our modelling geologists rely on their field experience, geological knowledge and software expertise to develop robust 3D computer models. MBGS has produced geological models in some of the most complex geological settings including Mongolia and Canada.

Our services include:

  • Database establishment and maintenance
  • Validation of geological databases
  • Geological and structural interpretation
  • Development of 3D structural geology models
  • Creation of coal quality models
  • Development of 3D faulted models, working section models and block models
  • Resource models and resource estimation to meet JORC or other reporting standards
  • Models for feasibility studies or mining studies
  • Production of various outputs for exploration, mining and reporting needs
  • Independent auditing of geological databases and models